Design and produce the world’s most exclusive British boutique cars

About Eadon Green

Eadon Green has one very simple objective. To design and produce the world’s most exclusive boutique cars.


Eadon Green has the creative drive to imagine cars as objects of beauty and of desire and we seek to turn this inspiration and passion into real, tangible world class products.

Our designers work as a team in conjunction with outside experts, such as Curve Vehicle Design, and Concept Group International, who have many years of experience working with major car manufacturers


“Design and produce the world’s most exclusive boutique cars.”

Eadon Green’s objective



Engineering is of great importance to Eadon Green and, in partnership with Envisage Group, Coventry, our engineering design team has huge experience, gained from developing products for some of the world’s most famous automotive brands.

Coach Building

Our partnership with Envisage Group means you can be certain that Eadon Green cars are built using modern manufacturing techniques, combined with the skills of traditional coach building.

Exceptional, Individual

The unique company structure of Eadon Green allows us to design exceptional, individual cars with engineering integrity that is equal to the best production cars anywhere in the world. 

Thank You for Your Attention,

Thomas von DeWahl-Sivers

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The Zanturi Project

Refined. Elegant. Powerful. Quiet. Exclusive. Luxury.

During the design process of the new Eadon Green Zanturi, we found ourselves using the same words that constantly came up when designing the original BLACK CUILLIN. Once again, these ideals led to the need to create a large imposing machine of the very highest quality, but this time with seating for four, and in a cabin that could be specified to a standard unsurpassed anywhere in the world.


Only a small number of Eadon Green badge Zanturi cars will be built, each one to an exacting and unique specification, making this model a collector’s edition, and one of the most exclusive cars ever made.


Every Zanturi will have an individually specified interior and a uniquely detailed exterior to ensure that each and every Zanturi will be a personal reflection of its owner and the only one of its kind.


Luxury hide trimmed interior is a given in Zanturi, and to that we add the technology of the 21st century. GPS aided Satellite Navigation that knows the terrain you are driving upon, right down to the incline of the road, Night Vision, Pedestrian Recognition, Heads-up Display and Bespoke Audio are just some of the tech features that can be specified.


Whisper quiet effortless acceleration propels Zanturi from 0-60MPH in 4 seconds, thanks to the twin turbo 6.6 litre VI2 petrol engine mated to an 8 speed automatic gearbox. Double wishbone multi-link suspension, with control software for Zanturi’s air suspension, has been configured to react quickly to body movements, resisting roll on turn-in to comers.


Vehicle Type: Grand Touring Coupe
Seats: 4
Engine: V12 6.6 litre
Transmission: Automatic 8 Speed
Drivetrain: Rear Wheel Drive
0-60 mph: 4.8 seconds
Top Speed: 155mph
Power: 601PS@6000
Torque: 840Nm@1650
Induction: Direct Injection/twin turbo
Fuel: Petrol
CO2 Emissions: 337g/km
UK MPG: 12.3/28.0 urban/extra-urban
Length: 5575
Height: 1492
Width: 2023
Wheelbase: 3112
Front Track: 1672
Rear Track: 1708
Suspension: Double Wishbone + Multi-Link
Weight: 2560kg

Thank You for Your Attention,

Thomas von DeWahl-Sivers

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The Zeclat project



The new Eadon Green ZECLAT exudes an easy calm and evokes comparison with cars of the past that now look more at home in automotive museums than they do on the roads of today.

At first glance, you might think that ZECLAT was designed to meander along country lanes; to waft along through splendid scenery on Sunday afternoons at gentle pace, and maybe ending at a rural pub/restaurant with a quiet meal for two.

But look more closely. The wide tyres. The ground-hugging stance. ZECLAT means business.

ZECLAT is powered by a naturally aspirated 6.2 litre V8 with a 0-60 time of 3.6 seconds and a special digital display to record the G forces at play as ZECLAT takes its corners. Nobody should doubt that ZECLAT is a sports car, a driving machine with great power and performance that is just a prod of the accelerator away.

Exterior Design

Modern Masterpiece

ZECLAT is low, wide, curvaceous and beautiful, and employs simple and elegant lines to create a stunning body shape in a style reminiscent of the aero cars created in the 1930s by famous French coach builders, such as Figoni & Falaschi, Bugatti, Chapron, and PourTout.

ZECLAT may owe its inspiration to the Art Deco period but, by pairing an aluminium and carbon-nano-composite panelled chassis from the white heat of today’s technology, with a lightweight carbon fibre bodyshell, ZECLAT is a thoroughly modern masterpiece.

Shaped by the wind, ZECLAT slips through the air, directing its force through strategically placed vents that cool engine, brakes and transmission, whilst the body design works in concert to stabilize the car at speed.

Interior Design

Hand Tailored

The “aero-style” wrap around cockpit puts the ZECLAT driver firmly in charge of the electronics that control the driving dynamics, while the passenger has switchgear for seats and heating/cooling ventilation.

The standard cabin is dressed in hand stitched leather from Britain’s finest hides, together with carbon fibre or piano black gloss fascia, finished with polished aluminium detail work.

The Finest Hides

Only The Best Will Do

Eadon Green are sticklers when it comes to leather.

Our interiors are tailored using hides from Bridge of Weir Leather, a fine Scottish company established in 1905, who tan only the finest hides, sourced from the best British heritage breeds. The result is the finest leather; soft, supple, and perfectly suited to an Eadon Green interior.

You can choose from a wide standard colour palette, or even commission special colours unique to yourself.


The performance to thrill any driver

ZECLAT is a performance car, there is no doubt about it.

Select Sport Mode

Drive ZECLAT with a broad smile on your face. Feel the passion, the power, the acceleration, the G-Force. Flow seamlessly through bends. Pilot ZECLAT effortlessly up hill and down dale at speed.

Select Tour Mode

Drive ZECLAT gently. Burble along for miles. Travel far. Cross continents.

Arrive at your destination splendidly calm.

Engine Power

Classic V8 Engine

ZECLAT draws its power from the legendary Chevrolet LT1 V8 engine, 6.2litre, naturally aspirated and offering an astounding 460hp, 465lb-ft of torque and a 0-60 time of 3.6 seconds.

Combined with the intelligent electronic traction control software, and the unique rear transaxle that helps achieve optimal weight balance, the ZECLAT 460hp V8 engine delivers its power to the road in a seamless flow, converting power to speed in a safe and controllable way.

Take your engine to the race track to explore its full potential.

Engine Management

Active Fuel Management

Designed for peak power when you need it and fuel efficiency when you don’t, the AFM controller deactivates four cylinders in light load conditions such as motorway travel, bringing them back into life within a split second if you demand more power with the accelerator.

Dry-sump Oil System

ZECLAT V8 features a dry-sump oil system whereby oil is actively pumped into the engine from an oil tank in the engine bay, ensuring that oil flow is unaffected by the G forces created by high speed cornering. The V8 oil system is also enhanced by oil-spraying jets inside the engine block, reducing piston temperature for extreme output and long-term durability.

The Chassis

Supreme Balance

With its engine nestling at the back of the engine bay, installed into a rigid aluminium frame with carbon-nano-composite under-body panels, ZECLAT has a near 50/50 weight distribution and an enhanced power-to-weight ratio.

With performance traction management, electronic limited-slip differential and launch control, ZECLAT connects its power to the ground with great precision.

Put It Down

Manual or Automatic

With all the power of a legendary V8 at your disposal, you will want to put this power down smoothly and efficiently.

ZECLAT features an 8-speed paddle shift automatic gearbox with a close ratio gear spread for blindingly fast gear changes.

A 7-speed manual gear box with Active Rev Match, a smart system that provides smooth gear change throttle blips, is available as a no-cost option.

Standard Brake System

ZECLAT features large standard Brembo 14.6”/14.4” two-piece steel brake rotors.

Brake Calipers

Black: Standard

Red/Blue/Yellow: Option cost

Wheels & Tyres

Standard Sports Wheels

ZECLAT offers six standard sports road wheels, fitted with Michelin Pilot Super Sport run-flat summer-only tyres. Winter tyre sets also available.

Special and bespoke road wheels available on request.


Mode Selector

A Mode For Every Road

Mode Selector allows drivers to tailor virtually every aspect of their ZECLAT based on road conditions and their driving preferences.  With the turn of a dial, five distinct driver modes electronically calibrate up to 12 variables, optimizing everything from steering to throttle control for peak performance in every environment.

Live Data Recording

Record Your Greatest Moments Behind The Wheel

The performance Data Recorder is a tool that can help make you a better driver, and it also helps you get the most out of your ZECLAT. Originally developed by racing engineers, and with analysis software available, the system lets you record, share and understand your driving experiences both on and off track. Valet Mode also keeps an eye on your car’s movements when out of your sight, recording video of all movements automatically.



ZECLAT offers support for Apple CarPlay™, a smarter way to use your iPhone to listen to Apple Music, get directions with Apple Maps, call friends and more.


If Android is more your style, Android Auto™ compatibility lets you connect your compatible smartphone to access your calendar, playlists, and select apps such as Google Maps.

Head Up Display


ZECLAT head up display offers three different views and projects its data near to your line of sight on the windscreen, helping you stay informed while focusing on the road ahead.

Thank You for Your Attention,

Thomas von DeWahl-Sivers

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