Villa Foucher De Careil – French Riviera

Villa Foucher De Careil is the only villa in the World from the creator of the Monte Carlo Casino and the Paris National Opera, the famous work of Charles Garnier, which can be purchased at the moment.

Charles Garnier was a French architect who is best known as the architect of the most famous opera house in the world, a symbol of Paris – Paris Opera and most famous casino in the World – the Monte Carlo Casino.

Unique Villa Foucher De Careil is built on 1886 and is one of the most interesting villas in the French Riviera.

Garnier’s works represent a Neo-Baroque-inspired style which was very popular during the Beaux-Arts period in France.

Villa Foucher De Careil is ideally located on the edge of Monaco, with magnificent view of the Mediterranean Sea, overlooking on the right side of Monaco and Roquebrune Cap Martin, and on the left side of the Italian Riviera coast line.

Unique art villa, which represents the purity of the era of Belle Epoque is ideal for the person who appreciates the prestige associated with owning real estate in Monaco and Cote d’Azur and having the importance of the extraordinary and rarity of the object they acquire.

The building is well preserved with original materials. Original paintings, handicraft mosaics, a very interesting niche ceiling on the lower floor, covered with 24-carat gold, a fireplace on the first floor of red marble which is no longer found in nature and in the World.

The house has 700 m² of history and many historical figures are closely connected with the house like Ferdinand de Lesseps, the builder of the Suez Canal.

A garden of 3500 m² of lush vegetation: exotic plants, palm trees, bananas, a 300-year-old cycad…

In the basement is the original kitchen of the villa, which still works, a tavern of 50 m². a wine cellar, workshops, a billiard room, an old chapel and living rooms for the house staff.

The villa is only 10 km from Monaco, 250 meters from the beach and the yacht harbour, and has a beautiful view of the sea. Just 30 minutes drive along the highway leading to Nice International Airport.

This property is ideal for someone who is looking for a place for a very reliable investment. Suitable also for a boutique hotel etc. The French Riviera has been very popular area for several centuries and has had very stable real estate market for the past 70 years.

Ideal for those who want to own one piece of architectural mosaics, along with those who own a Monte Carlo casino, the residence of the Queen of Italy Margaret of Savoy and the Paris Opera House. Created by a brilliant architect and world famous Charles Garnier.

This is not only elite real estate, it is the ultimate “dream” for demanding owners, for successful people who love art, history, architecture and botanics.

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